The Only Comprehensive Social Networks Designed for Golf Clubs and Members

The iugolf™ social networking platform has revolutionised the way our members interact and communicate with each other.


Complete Control

Reap the benefits of your own social network for your golf club with optional branding in keeping with your existing website.

Complete Control of your Social Network
  • Golf Club News

    Golf Club News

    Publish golf club news, announcements and alerts with custom publishing date and extended browsing.

  • Club Events & Competitions

    Club Events & Competitions

    Create and manage golf events and competitions with dates, attendees, photos, updates and forum connectivity.

  • Club Discussions

    Club Discussions

    Advanced discussion forums with categories, rating, moderation, auto-splitting and rich formatting.

  • Book A Golf Lesson

    Book A Golf Lesson

    Allow members to get in touch with the golf pro online and book a lesson to improve the accuracy of their game.

  • Chat


    Multi-user video chat with concurrent video streaming, customs rooms and rich formatting.

  • Join a Game

    Join a Game

    Join posted games to socialise on the course with new members and enhance the enjoyment of golf.

  • Google Search

    Google Search

    Site search engine for indexing site content using Google backend algorithms.

  • Videos


    Upload, record and share videos. Offer an "Analyse your Swing" service for your club members. Built in convertor, social features, categories and privacy controls.

  • Custom RSS

    Custom RSS

    Incorporate golf related external RSS feeds in to site such as world golf news.

  • Blog


    Personal member blogs with individual categories, rich text posting, photos and social features.

  • Shoutbox


    Site wide message box where anyone can post a quick line.

Natively Mobile

Networks by iuboo come with native iPad, iPhone and Android apps that we can re-brand for your golf club, to use the site on the move.

Natively Mobile Social Network
  • Club Articles

    Club Articles

    Rich text articles posting by site administrator. Great for documents, notes and announcements.

  • Golf Groups

    Golf Groups

    Create and manage golf groups such as Committee, Seniors, Ladies or Juniors with admins, members, forums, events, social features, photos and other media.

  • Post A Tee Time

    Post A Tee Time

    Members can post their tee times online for other members to join and enjoy a fuller game.

  • Advertising


    Generate income from your club social network. Classified Ads for club members and organisations with custom categories, prices and photos.

  • Player Statistics

    Player Statistics

    Seemless link through to external stats driven golf sites such as masterscoreboard and how did I do.

  • Promotions


    Display club promotions of the day predefined by the site administrator.

  • Photos


    Upload, browse and share photos. Albums, multiple upload, categories, privacy control and more.

  • Pro Shop Store

    Pro Shop Store

    Upload and sell products from the Pro Shop. Let club members sell items, receive payment and connect with buyers.

  • File Sharing

    File Sharing

    Upload, share, manage, and publish various files, documents and media amongst golf members.

  • Simple Messenger

    Simple Messenger

    Quick text messenger for instant communication displayed in member menu.

  • Vote


    Create poll questions relating to the golf club and display community replies with visualised graphs.

The iugolf™ social networking platform has revolutionised the way our members interact and communicate with each other.